Every person who comes to the MBL to conduct research, participate in an education program, attend a conference, or rent library space is expected to complete a registration form. This does NOT apply to course students.

We implemented a new registration system on January 1, 2021. If you completed a registration since then you are considered a ɫƵReturning Account HolderɫƵ. If you have not completed a registration since then you should use the ɫƵFirst Time RegistrationɫƵ link.

  • First Time Registration ɫƵ If this is your first time registering in the new MBL Admissions and Registration System .
  • Returning Account Holder ɫƵ If you already have an account, . If you forgot your password, there is a ɫƵForgot Your PasswordɫƵ option on the portal login page.

Please contact research@mbl.edu if you have any questions or concerns.